Q: No Nintendo LOGO?
A:It is the contact problem of EZ card with the console.
Please clear the metal contact part with rubber eraser and plug into the console again.

Q: Black screen after Nintendo LOGO?
A: It may be a hardware problem need a replacement with dealer.

Q: Had to select the language every time when it turn on?
A: Maybe the battery problem, try to replace the battery by your self.

Q: No contents showing when enter the menu?
A: 1. Try to plug the SD card again.
2. Format the SD card with correct FAT32 format.

Q: White screen or crash after writing into PSRAM?
A: Hardware problem need a replacement with dealer.

Q: “fat initial 0”
A: Try to plug the SD card again.

Q: “fat initial 1”
A: The “ezfla_up.bin on the SD card is not correct, please download the file from official web.

Q: Glitch image and text are showed in the menu
A: Battery is drain to dry. Change the CR1220 battery for EZ Reform.

20 Responses to EZ-FLASH Reform
  1. Mr. And Mrs. Debo October 18, 2017 at 7:18 am

    something that actually might make me get my dslites or gba sp out and blow the dust off…

  2. This looks pretty epic, especially considering so many users are now modding their GBAs with backlights. It gives the consoles a whole new lease of life!

    • We used to do that back in 2001 – 2002 as well. It was called an Afterburner Kit. That was a frontlight though not a backlight. It wasn’t easy to install it at all.

      • I had an Afterburner Kit in one of my GBA consoles, they were pretty good for the time!

      • no in this case it is 3rd party ags 101 screen not a simple afterburner front light…
        i just moded my gba and it look as good as the ds lite.
        (and i own a ez flash 4 too)

  3. Yes, I will be buying one of these, I’ve been wondering how much longer my old carts will survive, particularly from leaking batteries or soldering as new one.

  4. Any ETA on when this is available from vendors?

  5. does it support real time clocks for pokemon games now?

  6. Does it support 32MB games without NOR?

  7. Does it support games that use real time clock feature?

  8. Last week i was looking for an AGS-101 screen to mod my GBA, now i find that a new flash cart is coming out. IM SO EXCITED !!!

  9. My card doesn’t contact with the GBA, so no Nintendo logo shows up. I’ve tried the recommended method and no success. Not sure what to do now.

  10. Does this flash cart still have cheat code support since it’s similar to EZ-FLASH IV?

  11. хули так дешево

  12. The EZ Flash Reform is surprisingly the worst flashcard I had in years. The build quality is poor, the internal board is just as bad, and it’s almost impossible to take out the MicroSD card because the eject mechanism isn’t there. Simply awful. Don’t ever consider buying this one.

    • I completely agree, I’ve been having a hard time taking my SD card every time. It seems like even putting games on this flash cart is pretty difficult. I had no issues with my old flash cart and EZ4 client. Would you happen to be familiar with the EZ4 Kernel 2.0 and above?

      • I have the standard EZ Flash IV (blue label), and I had no issues at all. The problem is, my old battery died and I can’t make it work properly without a battery. I thought the Reform version would fix my problems, but it brought more issues I never had to the table. Buyer’s remorse here.

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