EZ-FLASH 3 in 1

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  1. Can i install
    EZ-FLASH IV Kernel 2.00 to EZ-FLASH 3 in 1 ???
    What the better? EZ Flash IV sdhc or EZ-flash 3 in1 ?

  2. gostaria de saber se envia para o brasil?
    [email protected]
    por favor me respondam.

  3. possuo um EZ-FLASH 3 em 1 porem a pilha não carrega mais , gostaria de saber o modelo da pilha

    I have an EZ-FLASH 3 in 1 but the battery does not charge anymore, I’d like to know the battery model

  4. Is there a new edition of the 3-in-1 in development? There’s a flashcart seller saying that one was supposed to come out in July but is delayed. But I see no mention of that here… Is it true?

  5. Real Time Clock work on this model?

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