Kernel 1.06 and Firmware 7.0 DOWNLOAD

Cheat Library  DOWNLOAD

Thumbnails Pack  DOWNLOAD

SHA1(ezkernel.bin)= 7f19e1eb8017fa016538c554d0778a9ed80fe82d
Fixed the freeze issue on some circumstance.

K105 FW6
Added support for the iQue roms which released recently.

K104 FW6
Removed the battle auto-save in the Fire Emblem series, please use manual battle field save and chapter save point.
Added a new save-states mode, only check save-states in the system to enable it. hotkeys are modifiable. it runs without in-game menu,so the compatible is better then old one.

K103 FW5
Full firmware refactored
Power consumption optimized
Added an option in the system menu to disable in-game RTC module which can save more power
Norflash works with original GBA console now
Fixed AGS-101 EUR save issue
Patch engine has been rewritten, fixed a lot of issues which related with BOOT WITH ADDON(i.e. Lady Sia, Mario and Luigi RPG…..)

K102 FW4
Added auto-match cheat library
Added recent played game list

K101 FW3
improved compatibility with original GBA
improved stability with various microSD
fixed bugs related with softreset
known issue: NORFLASH is not useable on original GBA, for now.
Final Fantasy Tactics will be frozen on saving.

K100 FW2
Initial Factory release