Kernel 1.07 and Firmware 7.0 DOWNLOAD

Cheat Library  DOWNLOAD

Thumbnails Pack  DOWNLOAD

SHA1(ezkernel.bin)= 2c6cea96be0d8cab783d5d770b2851b8c2786e59
Update the Goomba to 2019-05
Removed emulator sram write action on exit

K106 FW7
Fixed the freeze issue on some circumstance.

K105 FW6
Added support for the iQue roms which released recently.

K104 FW6
Removed the battle auto-save in the Fire Emblem series, please use manual battle field save and chapter save point.
Added a new save-states mode, only check save-states in the system to enable it. hotkeys are modifiable. it runs without in-game menu,so the compatible is better then old one.

K103 FW5
Full firmware refactored
Power consumption optimized
Added an option in the system menu to disable in-game RTC module which can save more power
Norflash works with original GBA console now
Fixed AGS-101 EUR save issue
Patch engine has been rewritten, fixed a lot of issues which related with BOOT WITH ADDON(i.e. Lady Sia, Mario and Luigi RPG…..)

K102 FW4
Added auto-match cheat library
Added recent played game list

K101 FW3
improved compatibility with original GBA
improved stability with various microSD
fixed bugs related with softreset
known issue: NORFLASH is not useable on original GBA, for now.
Final Fantasy Tactics will be frozen on saving.

K100 FW2
Initial Factory release