This document will be updated frequently with software updating

Before everything starts

We want to let you know EZ-FLASH OMEGA uses a new save technology that is different from the battery save used in previous products.

This technology requires you to slightly change the traditional usage habits, just wait a bit after saving, so that data can be written to MicroSD.

We hope this little inconvenience will not cause too much trouble for your experience.

After all, no battery is needed to save data. Never worry about losing save data due to dead battery.

First step

Please visit the download section on the official site.


Download the newest kernel and thumbnails pack for EZ-FLASH OMEGA.

Format your MicroSD card with proper format and suggested cluster.

card size ≤ 2 GB    FAT/FAT16   32KB
card size ≤ 32 GB   FAT32       32KB
card size ≤ 128 GB  exFAT       32KB or Larger 

Or you can use the Official SD card formatter to do it automatically. Click here to download

Due to the limitation of software, only one level folder can be created with exFAT

Extract the package to the root folder of MicroSD card.

Confirm at least one folder named IMGS and a file name EZKERNEL.BIN on the root folder.

Copy you game roms to MicroSD card.

If you want use cheat function, create a CHEAT folder in the root folder. Put the EMUCHEAT format .cht file into it, the .cht file name must same as the correspond game file name. for example

    mario.cht     <==>    mario.gba

Update the kernel

Once you have the EZKERNEL.BIN file on the root folder. You can update the kernel by press R key and power up the console. The system will boot up after the update process done. The kernel version is displayed on the upper right corner of System Setting. DO NOT TURN OFF THE POWER WHEN UPDATING!!

Basic Operation

  1. Press L and R toggle between SD Card/NORFLASH/System interface

  2. Press A on game to popup launch menu.

  3. Press or in launch menus to select different launch option, press A again to confirm. Press B to dismiss launch menu.

  4. In SD Card interface, press SELECT to toggle the game thumbnail. The thumbnail load speed is heavily depending on the microSD card speed.

Launch menu on SD card


Launch the game without any function.


Launch the game with functions which enabled in system.


Write selected game to NORFLASH without any function.


Write selected game to NORFLASH with functions which enabled in system. Cheat must selected before write and not changeable after be written.


This option is usually used with fan translated games, most of them are patched to other save mode instead original save type, it will cause AUTO mode failed to identify the correct save mode. Once you encounter the save issues when playing fan translated games, please use and to toggle the save type.

Under normal circumstances just leave it in AUTO.


This option is invisible in usual, unless you created the CHEAT folder and put the .cht file into it.

Use and to select cheat items, press A to toggle enable/disable, press B to back the Launch Menu, the CHEAT will change to green color if any cheat item enabled, the number is the enabled items number. then launch game with BOOT WITH ADDON.



Launch game, if game was written by WRITE TO NOR ADDON, it will equal BOOT WITH ADDON


Select the last game in the list and choose this option will delete the game from NORFLASH, otherwise a warning will be occurred.


Erase the whole NORFLASH completely. it will cost 4 minutes to be done. use it with caution. DO NOT TURN OFF THE CONSOLE POWER WHEN FORMATTING, IT WILL DAMAGE THE NORFLASH.

In Game Menu

When playing game with BOOT WITH ADDON, press L + R + START can active the in game menu, the menu contents are depended on which functions enabled in the system. Press and to select function, press A to confirm. The hotkey can be change in system.


Reset game immediately to the kernel interface.

If only RESET enabled in system, the in game menu hotkey will be the RESET hotkey


Save the games states to the RTS folder on SD card.


Load the games states from the RTS folder on SD card.


Enable the selected cheat items.


Disable the the selected cheat items.


The card firmware and kernel are displayed on the upper right corner.

Use and to select option, press A to confirm.


Use and to select time elements, and change the value, select OK and press A to save the time.


Use to select options, press A to toggle them, select OK and press A to save.


Use and to select language, press A to save.


This option is enabled in default under normal circumstances. unless you want to use BOOT WITH ADDON with fan translated rom or other heavily modified rom.
Turn off this option will turn to use the manual patch engine. The patching time will be increased.


Press this hotkey will turn the console in sleep mode when playing game.

Press SELECT + START to wake up the console. This hotkey is unchangeable.

Use and to select, and change the key, select OK and press A to save. DO NOT USE OPPOSITE KEY IN SAME TIME, LIKE UP AND DOWN.

Consider the console is still draining the battery in sleep mode. we suggest use the save states and turn off console.


This is the in game menu hotkey, also the reset hotkey if only RESET enabled.

Use and to select, and change the key, select OK and press A to save. DO NOT USE OPPOSITE KEY IN SAME TIME, LIKE UP AND DOWN.


  1. Please wait at least 2-3 seconds after in-game save behavior, then power off the game console or reset game. Because the cache mechanism of NAND on microSD needs time to write data properly. Turn off the console or reset game too fast may cause your save data lost because writing process interrupted. The GBC/NES emulator also need to wait 2-3 seconds after you press L + R, this operation will call up a save action, same theory as above. wait some time then choose exit.

    error code
    1  game rom error
    2  saver folder error
    4  save file error
    5  create file error

    Fast turn off console or reset game when saving and fast exit emulator will cause the data damaged and microSD card FAT error. that's why you encounter the error code above.

    You can use disk-scan application to fix the microSD card, or format it again.

    The best way is counting one to five in your mind after saved the game, then turn off game console or reset game.

    Which conditions need the counting?

        Saved in the game
        Saved game states
        Press L + R in emulator before exit
  2. Sound turn to noise after load game states: The sound register of GBA hardware is write only, it can not be saved. change a scene should get the sound normally.