In recent investigation. we have found that the cheat function can lead to the loss or corruption of save.

The cheat function used in the EZ series is implemented by locking the value at the specified memory address. Some value in the cheat code may be larger than the design value of the game.

When you save/load game with cheat activating. The locking value may produce a data overflow that causes an error in the save checksum.

So we recommend using the cheat function appropriately and not opening too many entries at once.

Before you save or read the data, please open the in-game menu and select CHEATOFF, so that you can avoid damaging the save data in a big chance.

An fast example can be provided here for the theory:

no matter EZ-FLASH OMEGA or Definitive Edition which you are using, with the cheat code in the cheat library.

Play Castlevania:Circle of the moon(US). create a new game, play, find the first save point, save the game. use your way(reboot or soft-reset) to return the game title screen, copy the save data to other seven save slots. now we have eight save slots with data. You can boot the game many times to ensure the data exists.

Return to the kernel, select HP/MP cheat, launch the game with addon. open in-game menu at the game title, select CHEATON to activate the cheat, enter the data select screen, you will find the 4th and 5th save slot are lost. This data loss is permanent, even you enter the game next time without cheat.