Q: No Nintendo LOGO?
A:It is the contact problem of EZ card with the console.
Please clear the metal contact part with rubber eraser and plug into the console again.

Q: Black screen after Nintendo LOGO?
A: It may be a hardware problem need a replacement with dealer.

Q: Had to select the language every time when it turn on?
A: Maybe the battery problem, try to replace the battery by your self.

Q: No contents showing when enter the menu?
A: 1. Try to plug the SD card again.
2. Format the SD card with correct FAT32 format.

Q: White screen or crash after writing into PSRAM?
A: Hardware problem need a replacement with dealer.

Q: “fat initial 0”
A: Try to plug the SD card again.

Q: “fat initial 1”
A: The “ezfla_up.bin on the SD card is not correct, please download the file from official web.

Q: Glitch image and text are showed in the menu
A: Battery is drain to dry. Change the CR1220 battery for EZ Reform.

  • Mr. And Mrs. Debo

    something that actually might make me get my dslites or gba sp out and blow the dust off…

  • This looks pretty epic, especially considering so many users are now modding their GBAs with backlights. It gives the consoles a whole new lease of life!

    • DonkeyDong

      We used to do that back in 2001 – 2002 as well. It was called an Afterburner Kit. That was a frontlight though not a backlight. It wasn’t easy to install it at all.

      • I had an Afterburner Kit in one of my GBA consoles, they were pretty good for the time!

      • tails_lol

        no in this case it is 3rd party ags 101 screen not a simple afterburner front light…
        i just moded my gba and it look as good as the ds lite.
        (and i own a ez flash 4 too)

  • DonkeyDong

    Yes, I will be buying one of these, I’ve been wondering how much longer my old carts will survive, particularly from leaking batteries or soldering as new one.

  • adalaza

    Any ETA on when this is available from vendors?

  • tails_lol

    does it support real time clocks for pokemon games now?

    • YukiS

      Since it’s running the same kernel as the existing EZ-Flash IV it’s unlikely.

      • tails_lol

        that suck,no reason to replace my good old v1 ez flash iv then…

  • Wong Man-Fung

    Does it support 32MB games without NOR?

  • mcca69

    Does it support games that use real time clock feature?

  • Héctor Prado

    Last week i was looking for an AGS-101 screen to mod my GBA, now i find that a new flash cart is coming out. IM SO EXCITED !!!

  • josef733

    My card doesn’t contact with the GBA, so no Nintendo logo shows up. I’ve tried the recommended method and no success. Not sure what to do now.

  • Wrongnut

    Does this flash cart still have cheat code support since it’s similar to EZ-FLASH IV?