Kernel 1.05e and Firmware 5 Release Candidate Download 

SHA1(ezgb.dat)= ce1d53168e586dad36568a317947941f0f3a134f
SHA1(Update_FW5_7-31.gb)= 80ef33af5e16ef8866474740016e26df59e90557
NOTE: This not a final release, If you are not in desperate need of playing RTC games or a user of a particular batch of Gameboy Color, please stay with Firmware 4 and Kernel 1.04e!
Known issue: if user does not have an enough fast speed SD card. it will halt in LOADING or OSINIT screen after upgrade.

Kernel 1.04e and Firmware 4 Download

SHA1(ezgb.dat)= 43c76dc2b206907a68a1b3d320324d2d4438b7f3
SHA1(Update_FW4.gb)= d61bc32c41a378be491eced4244a84abe7c84d7c



FW5 K1.05RC
Supported CGB without CPU suffix("Micro SD Initial Error!" issue)
RTC codes are rewritten, now working properly with all official RTC games
All device beyond CGB(included) have turbo loading speed

FW4 K1.04e
Removed Chinese support and filename sorting
Fixed booting sequence halt in OS INIT which caused by disk fragmentation
Fixed random File System Error
Added a battery dry notice
Some interface rearrangement
Some scroll timing tweak
The total length of the filename is 254 characters
The maximum number of files in the folder is 7000

FW3 K1.03
Improved game compatibility
Added the support of MBC1M Multicart

Fixed some logical error in last played game.

FW2 K1.01
Fixed some game compatibility
Optimize the limited number of files and directories
Fixed some file display issues
Added a Reading interface
Added a Loading interface
Added the support of MBC30 64KB SAVE
Added AUTO SAVE in SET tab
Checked = Backup the save to SD every time automatically when kernel booting up 
Unchecked = Kernel will ask every time when kernel booting up, cancel backup may cause you to lose the last play record

Added last played game Press START in file browser to activate, Press A to launch, B to cancel.