OLD EZ-FLASH IV(White version with MiniSD) upgrade notice!

You have to use a MiniSD or MicroSD with adapter no more than 2GB and FAT(FAT16) format to upgrade the new kernel.  then you can change back the larger MicroSD card after upgrade successful.


Q: No Nintendo LOGO?
A:It is the contact problem of EZ card with the console.
Please clear the metal contact part with rubber eraser and plug into the console again.

Q: Black screen after Nintendo LOGO?
A: It may be a hardware problem need a replacement with dealer.

Q: Had to select the language every time when it turn on?
A: Maybe the battery problem, try to replace the battery by your self.

Q: No contents showing when enter the menu?
A: 1. Try to plug the SD card again.
2. Format the SD card with correct FAT32 format.

Q: White screen or crash after writing into PSRAM?
A: Hardware problem need a replacement with dealer.

Q: “fat initial 0”
A: Try to plug the SD card again.

Q: “fat initial 1”
A: The “ezfla_up.bin on the SD card is not correct, please download the file from official web.

Q: Glitch image and text are showed in the menu
A: Battery is drain to dry. Change the CR1220 battery for EZ Reform.