After the launch of powerful EZ4Kernel V2 series, EZTEAM released the successor of EZ-FLASH IV, we named it EZ-FLASH Reform.

We’ve put huge effort on reducing the PCB size significantly. With the spare case in the box, you can easily change the card size to suit all GBA compatible consoles in you hands.

Reform’s battery is replaceable now, you can easily buy the new CR1220 battery on the internet.

As the successor of EZ-FLASH IV, Reform works similar with EZ-FLASH IV and uses the new EZ4Kernel V2.



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  • Issei Takeru

    Will it support games with Real Time Clock?

    Or Mother 3?

    • YukiS

      Mother 3 works fine already on EZ4Kernel V2 when flashed to NOR.

    • Iek Younger (yieks)


  • Ricardo Soares Oliveira

    Will it support DS Mode and/or Memmory Exp Pack?

  • Iek Younger (yieks)

    This is total junk. Avoid at all costs. You can still get an EZ-Flash IV on eBay, which has the same spec, and much higher build quality and a better design. These are so poorly made, you can break the cart by pushing it into the console, and the cart gets stuck inside the GBA SP, and is really difficult to get out, especially as the plastic threatens to snap at the slightest force. The cart doesn’t work either. You can take a working SD card from an old EZ Flash cart, put it in a Reform, and it doesn’t work.