• xs4all

    Just a FYI, for those that are patching trainers to their GBA roms, if you booting the games as per normal, the trainer intro will be glitchy and the game will freeze. You have to do a HARD RESET of the game, either by the default button mappings or put a “1” for the HARDRESET setting in the KEYSET.CFG to auto hardreset the game after it loads, default is “0”. Alternative and longer way is to copy the game to NOR flash.

  • Arttu Rantala

    Please help! Gta advance saving does not work! Is says “save error” when i try to save. Saving works great on all other games I have tested.


    Hi everyone.

    I’ve just got my flash card at 1.77 kernel.
    Can I jump directly to 2.03 kernel, or I should update each version one by one till 2.03 ?

    • Arttu Rantala

      Jump to 2.03. No danger! ; )

  • disqus_M52Elh6mNy

    Are any of the dealers listed on the dealers page *NOT* scammers? I’ve randomly clicked on 5 and they all are scam web shops.

    • ezflash

      The shops in the dealers list are safety to buy ez-flash products.

  • David Lam

    I have a strange error, my cart came with 2.01, I flashed to 2.03 and everything worked fine. Then I reflashed with a custom skin and now Zelda Minish Cap won’t load unless I disable GSS. It worked fine originally. I even tried flashing back down to 2.01 before going back to base 2.03 (no skin) and still same problem. Even went down to 1.78 before going back and no luck.

    Is there anything else I can do? Other games work fine with GSS. I’ve tried copying the ROM to NOR too same problem. (Unless I do it without GSS)

  • YukiS

    Here are the games I have disabled GSS for, in case it helps anyone else:

    A4NP = 1 #Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town(EU)
    A7KP = 1 #Kirby – Nightmare in Dream Land(EU)
    A9DP = 1 #DOOM II(EU)
    AC5E = 1 #DemiKids – Dark Version(US)
    ADME = 1 #DOOM(EU)
    AFPE = 1 #Fire Pro Wrestling(UE)
    AL4E = 1 #DemiKids – Light Version(US)
    ALGP = 1 #Dragon Ball Z – The Legacy of Goku(EU)
    ALUP = 1 #Super Monkey Ball Jr.(EU)
    ATHE = 1 #Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2(UE)
    BBKP = 1 #DK – King of Swing(EU)
    BDSP = 1 #Digimon – Battle Spirit 2(EU)
    BFGE = 1 #Harvest Moon – More Friends of Mineral Town(US)
    BKZX = 1 #Banjo-Kazooie – Grunty’s Revenge(EU)
    BRAP = 1 #Racing Gears Advance(EU)
    BSBP = 1 #Sonic Battle(EU)
    BZMP = 1 #The Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap(EU)