In this version, we implement the on-cart patch engine, it means the desktop version of EZ4Client was no longer needed. just copy the clean rom to the sd card and run it directly. the kernel will patch rom automatically.

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any issues please report to the below discussion board.

  • jute_mankif

    Thank you so much and congratulations on a long-awaited accomplishment.

  • Localhorst86

    2.00 is considerably slower (about twice the time) when loading games due to the patching routines, even when launching prepatched games.

  • Frostbite

    Have tried several times to get this to load and upgrade on my DS Lite. It launches, I get a blue screen on the bottom that says “EZPDA” and that’s it. Nothing further happens. 🙁

    • Frostbite

      Oh, found the answer. With the update file on the root of the SD card, hold down R as you power up the GBA. It will start updating.

      • Michael Hill

        Thanks for the tip.

  • Lancer Shade

    Do gameboy color games and NES can be dragged and dropped ? or only gba games dragged and dropped but others need to patch in ez reform kernel above 2.00?