Beyond the Flashcard

EZ-Flash V, V Plus, Vi old

Kernel 2.0 RC20 >>DOWNLOAD<<


EZ-FLASH Vi 705/805

Unbricker for EZvi 2.0 >>DOWNLOAD<<   Becareful,  if you want run it on EZVi, please update kernel to 3.0 ob8 first, you can download it below.
firmware v108a >>DOWNLOAD<<,  passed dsi 1.4.4 and 3DS 4.0.0-7
Kernel 3.0 ob8  for EZVi 705/805 >>DOWNLOAD<<
firmware 104 for EZ Vi 705/805 >>DOWNLOAD<<
EZ Skin Forger >>DOWNLOAD<<
EZ Walkthrough tool 1.1 >>DOWNLOAD<<



EZ-FLASH IV /Lite/Compact

EZ4 Kernel 1.77 DOWNLOAD      Mario Editionpreview
Support chinese game and saver name
improved the saver
EZ4 Kernel 1.76 DOWNLOAD
fixed the halt at 254Mbit when writing a 256Mbit game
improved the compatibility
improved the saver
EZ4 Kernel 1.75 DOWNLOAD
Optimized the saver system
Change the skin
Support SDHC(4GB,8GB,16GB), you need a SD card to apply this upate, then you can use the SDHC card play game.
Customize Pack DOWNLOAD
EZ4 Client 2014 DOWNLOAD
Updated the ezfla_up.bin, fixed the auto saver backup issue.
Please copy the ezfla_up.bin to the SD card root folder.  and power on the console with  R button pressed, the update process will start automatic.

EZ4Client 2014  DOWNLOAD
Support the the version EZ4 released in Dec. 2013.

EZ4Client 1.03 >>DOWNLOAD<<




EZ3Manager 2.22 >>DOWNLOAD<<



EZClient 3.25 >>DOWNLOAD<<